Toby began his acting career at Northern Illinois University where he was immersed in the world of theater. He studied voice, movement, and the Meisner Acting Technique.   He performed many times on stage while at Northern.

After graduating, Toby performed on stage in Dublin, Ireland, and in various productions around Chicago.  Soon after, he packed his bags and made his way to Los Angeles.  In L.A. Toby started auditioning and began to work.

Toby starred in Paramount Pictures “A Separate Peace,” directed by two time Academy Award nominated director Peter Yates and produced by Oscar-winning producers Michael Sugar and Dustin Hoffman.

In “A Separate Peace” he performed with legendary actor and Oscar nominee Hume Cronyn which turned out to be Mr. Cronyn’s final performance before his death for which he earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Performer.

“A Separate Peace”  was nominated for several Emmy’s and Won Best Script at the Writers Guild Awards.  “A Separate Peace” is widely shown in high school literature classes all across America.

Toby has been involved at the Ruskin Theater Company in Santa Monica, California where he trained again in the Meisner Approach to Acting and has performed on stage many times including in a lead role opposite Olivia D’abo in the Ruskin Theater’s version of “Cyrano De Bergerac” in the role of Christian.

Throughout his career, Toby has also worked with Katie Holmes, Maggie Grace, Forest Whittaker, Robert Forrester, Christopher Meloni, Gary Cole, Mariska Hartigay, Allison Pill and David Caruso. He recently starred in Jameson Den Hartog’s short film “MICAL” shot on location in Chicago, IL and is slated to shoot “Serah” starring Gilles Marini and directed by Timothy Hines.

Toby is also attached to play the lead in “Playing with the Enemy” and “The Final Service” written and directed by Oscar-winning director Keith Merrill.



MICAL – Film – 7 mins



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